AIR-HITCH'S patented For and Aft Air Ride Hitches solves the bounce and lurch problem. This amazing design allows the truck to go over a bump (vertical cushioning) and protect the front of the trailer. Then when the trailer goes over the bump (for and aft cushioning), there is no pull back.   Dont be fooled by vertical only hitches.   Insist on For and Aft.   Insist on a AIR-HITCH .CO!

Trailer Life, June 1999

“(the hitch) not only softens destructive forces to gooseneck architecture caused by trailer lurch, but also improves ride characteristics on the tow vehicle as well…We found that over the course of the test excursion covering just about every road surface imaginable, the combination handled more like a single vehicle than a towing lash-up.Thanks predominantly to the air-ride hitch, their was a noticeable absence of trailer jerking against the hitch pin so often associated with highway surface irregularities and expansion joints.”